Tuesday 25 August 2009

Welcome to my chocolate blog

Encouraged by other successful bloggers and curious about where this will go, I invite you to my chocolate blog. I have enjoyed, over the last year or so, stories about where my chocolates have got to and their extraordinary adventures; the mountains they have been carried up, the exotic locations they have been carried to, the lovely occasions they have helped celebrate and the excessive heat they have succumbed to. These stories have been received through meetings with friends, at the various stalls I do, over the phone and over the email. I thought it would be fun to try and share some of these with other customers and the blog could be a way for people to contribute their own stories.

I have also learned a lot through other chocolate bloggers - their generous sharing of information has informed many of my recipes and ideas about flavours, as well as helped me work out chocolate technical problems (of which there are many). So hopefully this blog might inspire some other budding small business owners out there. I am often asked similar questions about chocolates and the blog could be a way for those conversations to develop.

I will endeavour not to use it as a platform to rant vitriolically about things (ooh but I love a good rant) or to shamelessly promote other causes - I will try to stay focused as much as I can on the business of chocolate - which after all is a big and rich enough subject to get on with!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Charlotte