Monday 11 October 2010

Another bravo award!

We were delighted and slightly astounded to be shortlisted in the Noval Trophy last week - a competition to find perfect chocolates to go with two Noval ports. The judging was carried out at the Academy of Chocolate conference last week in London and we were one of 7 finalists - and the only one from Scotland. So we sent off 100 lovely honey and wild hazelnut chocolates down to London - unaccompanied little babies they were - I felt very guilty - but was unable to travel down to the conference. So they arrived and I am told they looked very smart on the platter. The judging was partly by tastings by participants at the conference and partly by a panel of judges, and so the results were not announced at the conference. But I have just heard this evening that we didn't win - argh! - but the very nice lady who organised it said we came close. But I did get a very gorgeous bottle of Noval port - to help us develop the perfect accompaniment - so I am very happy!

Anyway - although a little sad not to have won, I wasn't really expecting to and when I saw the shortlist of finalised I wasn't at all surprised. Reward enough to be on that list I have to say.

So getting ready now for the next market at Logierait - the last of the year. Also getting chocolates ready for The Cocoa Tree in Pittenweem ( who are taking a stand at the BBC Good Food show in Glasgow and have very kindly given some space on their stall for some of our chocolates. If you are going - do check them out - they do the absolutely best hot chocolate in the world.

And if you cannot get there, but happen to be around Logierait on the 16th Oct- then come along and have possibly the second best hot chocolate in the world and try out some of the honey and hazelnuts runner ups. (but sorry - the port is all mine...)